IRLP Node 4994 is Connected to the N0EXE Repeater in Downtown La Crosse, WI.

444.7500+ PL-131.8

Open for use by any licensed Ham.


Click here for Operating Guidlines and Information.  


To check the status of node 4994 click here.


For a current list of IRLP nodes and reflectors click here.


Do you have Google Earth on your computer?  If yes click here to see all nodes and reflectors on Google Earth.


How to use IRLP Node 4994:

- Identify yourself and enter the 4 digit IRLP node/reflector number you would like to connect to.

- Wait for the connect message from the remote node/reflector.

- Listen for at least 15 seconds to make sure the node/reflector isn't busy.  A QSO could be in progress.

- Always transmit at least 2 seconds before talking.

- Pause 2 seconds between each transmission.  This will let other stations in on the conversation or allow others to enter DTMF commands.

- When finished, identify yourself and send 73 to disconnect.

- If node 4994 is connected and left idol for 4 minutes it will automatically disconnect.

- Most importantly... Have Fun!


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