Convert Your Old Computer Mouse into a Morse Code Key


Disassemble the mouse.

A look at the inside of the mouse.

Remove the screws holding the board to the bottom cover and remove the USB cable from the board.

A look at the board when it's removed.

SW1 and SW2 will be used for each side of the paddle.

The switch contacts must be isolated from the board.

I used a small disk cutter to isolate each contact.

Now use a multi-meter to see what contacts to use when the switch is closed.  I isolated more contacts than I needed to.

The green wire is the ground.  The red wire is the left side of the paddle and the black is the right side of the paddle.

Solder the wires to the appropriate wires on the new cable and reassemble the mouse.

It’s a good idea to put rubber feet on the bottom of the mouse to keep it from moving on you.

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